Surfix Diagnostics imagines that once there will be a world without cancer. But isn’t that everyone’s dream?

Imagine having easy-to-use, reliable and sensitive tests that help to eliminate cancer by quickly and accurately diagnosing cancer in an early stage. And imagine not having to undergo burdensome procedures during cancer treatment. Isn’t that also everyone’s dream? But does it have to stay a dream?

Cancer is a devastating disease, affecting millions of people around the world every year. Surfix Diagnostics wants to play a role in the fight against cancer. For this purpose, Surfix Diagnostics develops diagnostic tests based on liquid biopsy samples, which are of great value in the early detection and monitoring of cancer. Surfix Diagnostics also envisages the use of its diagnostic tests in population screening programs.


Have you ever had to undergo a bowel examination? Or any other invasive procedure to check your health status? Then you know how much anxiety and stress it causes before, during and after the procedure. Imagine the impact on the quality of life if you get a quick and accurate diagnosis of your health status in a timely and less burdensome manner. Early cancer detection and monitoring will improve survival and will improve the quality of life of cancer patients. This dream can become reality, provided the right diagnostic tests are available.

Early detection and monitoring also have a significant impact on the healthcare system and its costs. Large complicated equipment in hospitals, highly-trained staff and specialized facilities are not cost-effective. But diagnostic tests like the ones Surfix Diagnostics is working on are!

Easy-to-use, reliable and sensitive diagnostics will change the landscape of diagnostics by providing the patient the right diagnosis and treatment at the right time.


Surfix Diagnostics develops diagnostic tests for the early detection and monitoring of cancer utilizing its photonic diagnostics platform that combines six state-of-the-art technologies. To make it even more exciting: this photonic diagnostics platform is so versatile that it can be used for immunoassays AND for molecular diagnostics. Any protein or nucleic acid-based biomarker in a liquid biopsy can be detected, provided a suitable bioreceptor to capture this biomarker is available.

The core of Surfix’s photonic diagnostics platform is a photonic biosensor consisting of a photonic biochip and a microfluidic cartridge both optimized with Surfix's proprietary nanocoatings. The biosensor is used in combination with a dedicated desktop reader.

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