Imagine a world without cancer. Isn’t that everyone’s dream?

Imagine having easy-to-use, reliable and sensitive tests available that could help to get a world without cancer. Isn’t that also everyone’s dream?

Imagine you can quickly and properly diagnose outbreaks of infectious diseases or potentially deadly diseases such as sepsis. Does it have to be a dream?

Imagine not having to undergo cumbersome procedures to diagnose cancer, sepsis and other diseases with high impact. Does it stay a dream?  


Have you ever had to undergo a bowel examination? Or any other invasive procedure? Then you know how much anxiety and stress it causes before, during and after the procedure. It also has a significant impact on the healthcare system and its costs.

It can be cumbersome and complicated to get a fast and proper diagnosis of your health status. The impact on the quality of life could be huge if one can be diagnosed in a timely manner. Provided the right Point-of-Care diagnostic test is available.

On the spot testing could change the landscape of diagnostics.

Point-of-Care testing is highly preferable over the use of complicated high-tech equipment requiring trained staff in specialized facilities. And it could be lifesaving if the time between getting the sample and testing is too long. Not for all diseases speed of diagnosis is essential but getting an early diagnosis or preventing to have to undergo invasive procedures is more important than anything else. In cases where speed is essential, both in getting a sample and testing that sample, fast diagnosis could save lives. Diseases like sepsis demand fast action to prevent death.

Point-of-Care testing is also a substantial cost-saver. High-tech equipment in hospitals, trained staff and specialized facilities are not cost-effective. And Point-of-Care diagnostics will definitely be that!

On the spot testing will change the landscape of diagnostics.

Early diagnosis will give the patient the right treatment at the right time.

Fast diagnosis will give the patient the right treatment at the right time.

Reliable diagnosis will give the patient the right treatment at the right time.  


Fast and reliable Point-of-Care diagnostics should be made available to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Surfix’s photonic diagnostics platform, consisting of a photonic chip and a microfluidic cartridge both optimized with nanocoatings, in combination with a sensitive reader, will give you just that!

To make it even more exciting: this photonic diagnostics platform is so versatile that it can be used for immunoassays AND for molecular diagnostics. Both proteins and nucleic acids can be bound to the surface of the photonic chip (providing of course the right binding chemistry has been used).

The platform is not limited to use in human Point-of-Care diagnostics. It can also be used in other fields where on the spot testing is required, like in agri-food technology and environmental monitoring.  

Utilizing the photonic diagnostics platform Surfix Diagnostics is working on cancer, on covid-19 and pathogens in aquaculture. Further information can be found on our technology page and our applications page.

If you now use a test that is too complicated, too slow or unreliable or if you have to send your sample to a laboratory and have to wait too long for the test result, then the time has come to contact Surfix Diagnostics!